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Stalexia Properties replaces the hassle of finding a reputable tenant. As the ideal tenant, Stalexia Properties signs the lease, manages your property at no additional cost to you, and reliably pays rent on time.

Now enjoy the passive income and a peace of mind. 

Stalexia Properties logo hung on the wall behind an orange couch in a living room with plants, a side table, coffee tables, and lamp.
Decorative flora, a white vase, and clear picture frame with dried leaves on top of a wooden table.

How do our services extend beyond traditional property management?

  • We design and furnish your space to make it comfortable for our clientele.

  • Our name is on the lease, and we guarantee timely rental payment.

  • We have reputable guests stay in your home.

  • We manage and set up all utilities, including Wi-Fi.

  • We care for and provide general maintenance of your home under a certain dollar limit within our lease terms at no added cost to the owner.

Stalexia Properties can be your trusted partner.


Partnering in 1-2-3


Contact Us

Could Stalexia Properties be your next tenant?

We would love to connect and explore the possibility.


Sit Back

We will fully furnish and equip your home with all the essentials our mid-term guests need. Throughout the lease, we will have your home professionally cleaned and provide general maintenance at no additional cost to you. 



Now that your home is bringing in the monthly passive income you have envisioned, you get to relax.

Let us take care of the rest.

See if your property qualifies

If you think your home might be a good fit, get in touch with us!

We'll be in touch soon!

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